MIND TALK - Neuro Linguistic Programming (Master Practitioner) and Life Coaching In Perth

"Breaking Boundaries Beyond Beliefs"

Mind-Talk is a personal coaching service to allow you to achieve the best version of you.  Mind-Talk is personal development at it's best.  

Phobias, Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Low Self Esteem and Depression is what I specialise in.  

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If you can take one thing from this page, take this: You are not broken, you are working perfectly - according to the programmes you run in your mind.  We simply need to alter and change the programmes you run, to give you a different outcome or result. 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of the mind and how it works.  If you undertand how it works - it allows you to control it and make changes.  If you don't control your mind, it will control you. 

Using NLP and life coaching techniques, I will help you to achieve your ultimate goals.  NLP is used to change behaviours and collapse negative emotions/feelings you hold onto.  NLP allows you to do more of what you want, and less of what you don't want which is very helpful, as "the quality of your life is based on how you feel". 

About Me:
My name is Andy Fairweather (NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach) and I know what it's like to want change. Helping people is what I am passionate about. Why?  I know what it's like to feel down or low, and as if you have the world on your shoulders.  

A lot of people change their enviroment to make them feel better....for example, i went to Australia (the other side of the world for me), in pursuit of "happiness"... my biggest learning was that the first person to meet me off the plane was me.  Yes my enviroment had changed and it felt good and exciting for a week or so, but it was short lived.  Lifecoaching-NLP-Perth

My needs, values and beliefs still remained the same, i took my underlying issues with me like my baggage, but a little heavier....True and lasting happiness comes from inside us, it really is an inside job.  Happiness is not something you get, or buy....it's simply something you do.  
Core Identity Coaching:
I will also incoperate core identity coaching in your sessions, to offer personal development at a much deeper level.  I will find out your limiting beliefs, get to the route of exactly what you ultimately believe about yourself, and work for changes to empower you, rather than limit you.







Phobias/Fears collapsed in one session:
We are programmed from birth to only have a fear of falling and sudden loudPhobia's noises, all other fears/phobias are learned.  If you can learn them in a instant, you can unlearn/collapse them just as fast.  


Sports performance coaching / Goal Setting. 
Want the best from your performance?  Are you mentally prepared? Usually the difference between a good performance and a bad one is down to what state or mind set you are in.  Learn how to access that state of mind that allows you to perform at your best! 

What would achieving your goals mean to you?  Learn how to set your mind, so it works with you.

Investing in ME?
Please contact me to find out prices.Lifecoaching-NLP-Perth

NLP for Business:
Want the most from your staff?  What to enhance motivation and communication skills with your colleagues?  Allow your staff to gain the skills of stress management so they can be at the top of their game. 

Andy can show you how to establish rapport/connection with clients. 

NLP is becoming more and more popular in sales teams and within the business setting.  If you can establish a relationship and sense of connection with a potential client immediately, it allows you to influence them to a greater degree.

  • Testimonials
    "Mind-Talk Changed my life,  Since our last session i have had no anxiety or panic attacks at all! It's great being able to be me again, it's fab.  Thanks for showing me how! Will definately Recommend you!" Alison Marshall, Perth, Uk
    "Andy from Mind-Talk got to the bottom of issues that have affected me my whole life after only one session , and I'm optimistic and excited to see the outcome and personal progress of more time spent with Andy. I recommend if you have any issues that affect you, to get in touch with Andy." Ryan Johnston, Forfar, UK
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  • Events
    Motivation Skills for kids
    Primary School

    Motivational Skills course for Primary kids.  To open up their thinking, to develop a useful and empowering mind set. 

    Motivation Skills
    Perth Community Centre, Perth From 7:30 pm

    Motivational Skills course for local community centre